Armchair pundit of the motorsport variety


Here we go again. Another F1 website where a pretend journalist attempts to keep up with the jungle drums of the paddock.

Well, not quite.

It’s KGibbsGP here and if you haven’t seen any of my content to date, here is a brief synopsis of my journey to today’s post. Back in 2012, I launched a brand new F1 blog on the Google Blogger platform. I enjoyed some initial success and was thrilled to finally have a medium in which to spread my thoughts regarding the greatest sport on the planet.

Inspired by journalists from such publications as Autosport and, who would put their questions to a panel of driver’s in the Thursday presser – back before Snapchat was a thing – and then proceed to roam the paddock all weekend, I dared to dream of being an F1 writer.

It’s good to be ambitious.

Driven by my desire to be like them, I continued to toil away, publishing news and views on my site and others for four years. If I was to tell you that I never managed to top my view count recorded for October 2012, you would be able to quickly diagnose that something didn’t work.

Earlier in the year I realised that if the masses want F1 news, they will head to the big sites. Those with the real journalists, who have real sources and real journalistic acumen. Just as in the YouTube-o-sphere, the big players hold all the cards while the minnows are left to duel for the scraps. Plus, it is impossible for a one man band to keep across an F1 world that is on the move 24/7.

Having smelt the coffee, I decided to throw in the towel.

Now, this may seem like a depressing tale of a crushed dream, however, I see it very differently. Consider it more a process of refocus.

Prime and Option is not a site where you will find the latest F1 news. If that is what you are in search of then I’d head across to right now. Heck, I’d even go and download their app; it really is very good.

Instead, Prime and Option is going to be a site bursting with opinion. Unlike during the past four years of recycling news stories, I’m now writing to entertain not only you, dear reader, but also myself.

A site featuring unique content, in a relaxed style and format, showcased in regular uploads of all shapes and sizes.


Hopefully you are as excited about the site as I am. It’s time to stop being a pretend journalist and start being a real armchair pundit instead.